Startup Unicorns! is a 2-5 player "race-to-the-top" card game about founders and startups designed by Steven De Salas.

Great for everyone, but especially for young people, Startup Unicorns introduces many concepts for setting up and running your own tech company in a relaxed and fun manner.

As the players take their fledging startup from its birth to success as unicorn, the game creates a friendly environment for introducing relevant themes of team building, synergy, cash flow management, valuation / raising capital, adversity, mismanagement, sheer luck, and a lot of the necessary ingredients for turning a product idea into reality (in this day and age!),

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As a crowdfunding effort, this is a creative project that has yet to be produced. Rather than a product you buy in the shop.

After funding the project, it'll take around two months at least until you receive your reward (it has to be manufactured!). However by supporting this project, you'll also feel part of making something new, as the creative endeavor cannot go ahead without your backing.

Get your copy

Help us crowdfund the project, and get your reward.

Gather the troops

Put together a small group of friends and family.

Pick your founding team

The tech industry needs brilliant minds to come up with the next big thing.

Get investors on board

Investors provide needed cash flow to expand the business.

Hire some talent

Increase the value of your business by hiring new talent.

Grow your company

Play any advantages you can to stay ahead.

Sabotage the competition

Its a highly competitive market.

Sometimes you'll do things that you are not proud of.

Become a unicorn!

Make it to $1 million before the other players.

Shout UNICORN! to win the game.

  • 2-5 players
  • 20 minutes
  • 10 years+